Stanserhorn Hike 4 years ago

Since all my friends are currently studying all day long to prepare for their final exams this week, and since i have all my exams in August, I was forced to go on a hike by my self. Which wasn't so bad. It was pretty nice not to be forced to make compromises but it would have been nice to share the experience.

I took the train from Z├╝rich HB 11:06 to Luzern, where i switched to another train towards Engelberg. I only traveled with the Engelberg-train for 20 minutes before i stepped off. Stans is a small village with lush mountains all around. High enough to be a mountain, low enough to be grassy on the summit. They have an old seilbahn which takes you up to the brand new gondola with a panorama roof which only have a fence which was really cool.

View from the train toward Luzern Pilatus from the train toward Luzern

I made a rookie mistake when planning the trip, mistaking the elevations i thought Stanserhorn should be my starting point and Wirzweli my finishing point. It was the opposite. So i had to make a trip towards a nice saddle in the mountain and then turn around up towards Stanserhorn again to take the gondola down, which turned out to be not as bad as i had feared.

Beginning of the hike On my way down from Stanserhorn

The trek was really nice, and i had a really nice view. There wasn't so many people out, and i think this had something to do with the weater (30 degrees Celcius).

I had been walking for about 50 minutes until i reached the saddle, and i had a really nice view over a town by a lake, which by looking at Google Maps I see is Sarnen.

Sarnen The town Sarnen from my break point. It was so hot this day you can clearly see the lake vaporising.

At this point i was listening to some music from my phone and taking a beer and having some water. I chilled out maybe for 30 minutes before beginning my trek back up to Stanserhorn. I was unsure how much time i had left since i was not 100% sure when the last ride down to the valley was. I suspected it was 17 but i planned for 16. So i hiked up to Stanserhorn in about one and a half hours, and was quite sweaty when i arrived. The last ride was 17 but i was in time for the 16, so i chilled out and looked at the view for twenty five minutes then I rode down to the valley again with the gondola and then the seilbahn arriving at last in the village Stans again.

On the way down from Stanserhorn On the way down from Stanserhorn

Back in Stans i had to wait 20 minutes for the train to Luzern to arrive, so i just took it easy at the train station looking around at the nature. It was a quite and clean village with two train platforms which merged into one train track outside the station. The train arrived and I rode to Luzern for a well deserved super cheap swiss Whopper meal at Burger King. I was hungry since i hadn't eaten anything but 2 sandwiches the entire day but i could still not finish the meal (student stomach).

I would recommend the Stans area for a hike. The last bit up to Stanserhorn is quite steep but the trail is solid and reinforced. At the top there is a panorama resturant where you can buy food and ice cream etc.. All in all a well spent day! Only regred i had was that i burned my neck in the sun, but it was worth it.

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