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My jetlag is starting to go away since my return from USA to Zürich almost a week ago. It has been almost three weeks of adventures. The first was the trip to USA and the second was my friend Moberg coming to Switzerland for a visit the day after i arrived from USA.

I flew to Philadelphia and the airport security went smoothly compared to past experiences with the secutiry checks when going to USA. No one wanted me to remove my shoes, and no one wanted to look in my computer. I met up with Andreas, a friend i met while abroad in Zürich. We mostly walked around Philly, ate cheap (compared to Zürich prices) food, and tried to find a night club. Which we didnt.

alt Our apartment in Philly, Andreas chillin with a GT waiting for the match to start.

We were meant to meet our common friend Shelby whom we met while she was doing her exchange in Zürich last autumn semester. But, (unfortunately), she had gotten a job i LA, so we had to book another flight to LA since we had booken the Philadelphia ticket before she got the job.

The time in Philly went fast. And it was fun to have been there, but i dont think i would like to return just to go to the city again. It was pretty dirty and quite spread out. We got lucky once though: we wanted to see the city from a high sky scraper, but no one would allow us to go to the top of their building, until we met a guard who said we wasnt really allowed but it was alright this once. So we went up to this nice private club called Pyramid Club at the top of the building with dining and lounge rooms. We met a receptionist who asked if we were members, but we charmed her with our swedish charm and she let ut in. The club had a good view of the city and was quite a nice place. Also, we went to a good french inspirerd resutrant called Parc, check it out if you ever are in Philadelphia. It was pretty loud but the food was nice.

We stayed in Philly for 4 days before we went to LA. The first thing we did in LA was to meet Shelby get an In 'n Out burger as per recommendation. It was extremely cheap and a good fast food burger, and aparently iconic for LA.

The weather was nice, Shelby's apartment had a pool. So we went to the store and bought ingredients for Hugo Spritz, and we continued to fry in the pool with the drinks!

alt The making of Hugo alt The result!

That night all the other interns at SpaceX met up at the big grilling area outside the apartments, and we continued to have a big party in Shelbys apartment.


alt Andreas, Jenny (?), Shelby looking quilty and Roberto. And a jacke dacke bottle.

The following day we had a huge handover and we went to Santa Monica, the classic LA area with the huge pier with a theme park on it.


We did a lot of things while in LA, one of the coolest was visiting the SpaceX factory where they make actual space rockets. Unfortunately i would be fined 1 million USD for each picture i took. So i didnt take any pictures. They did have a barbeque of which I was allowed to take pictures of though:

alt Andreas orange neckband shows everyone that he is special super VIP.

We also went to Hollywood (which sucked bit now i been there), San Diego (best city in USA yet), Six Flags (awesome), Californa Space Center (got to see Endeavour, sweeet), Koreatown (was tasty) and the last day we went to a roof top bar in Santa Monica.

alt Andreas, Me, and Shelby at the roof top bar. The Santa Monica pier is visible in the background.

Also, we went to a horrible place called Killer Shrimp. Dont go there. Ever.

Hi mom and dad, and anyone else who reads this blog :^).

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