Failed Hike to Ortstock 4 years ago

My friend Oscar came to visit me in Suisse the last 4 days with a plan of hiking, unfortunately the weather was shit. Really shit. Guaranteed rain everyday and thunder two of the days.

But shame on the one that gives up. I ignored my 4 hours of sleep, jet-lag (arrived from USA the day before), and my throat pain and we went out to climb up to Ortstock at 2750m. Starting at 1200 it would be a 1,5 km climb through forests and cliffs. This picture summarizes the weather condition that day: alt

What you would see behing all those rain clouds, are the peak of Ortstock. But we went on with it anyway. The hike started with a thick forest. alt

At around 1600 it started raining. A lot. So we found a house, and went to take cover from the rain by sitting close to the wall of the house. We stayed there for maybe 1,5 hours at which point we saw a clearing in the sky. We joked about how awesome it would be if that small hole would expand and the whole sky would be clear.

It did.

We got really excited, and almost started running towards Ortstock. Because we felt it in the stomach that we didnt have too long a window of sun. The worst part was that we had to hike downwards a while (2 km), which was irritating.

Eventually we go to a beatiful valley, with Ortstock clearly visible. And also the hardest part of the hike visible. We were going to have to go up that big cliff visible in this picture:


If you look closely at the big cliff closest to the point we were when we took this photo, just right of the center of the picture you can see a plausible path for getting to the top which we used.

Here we are at the hill just before the cliff alt alt

It was a pretty tight path we had to walk, and if we would have fallen we would probably not have survived.


But at the top, it was well worth it alt

Unfortunately the bad wather returned, and because it was such an exposed path, we returned so we could descend while the path was till dry. We didnt want to go down that path while it was soaking wet and it was cold, rainy and windy at 18:00. So, at 2200 meters we had to return, the peak Ortstock clearly visible.

It was sad to turn around but it was the right descision. The mountain is still there.

alt On the way down

alt A small peak at 2200 meter, 550 meter below our goal.

alt Back at the WG.

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